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Gift Shop  Jeanie Derani
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(Global Products -includes USA, U.K. European, Asian & Other)

My name is  Ms. Ranjini Deraniyagala A/K/A  Jeanie Derani, President of the Business -"Gift Shop Jeanie Derani". It gives me great pleasure and Joy to own it. I have being supplying to wholesalers as well as Retail sale.. The company was in business since 2005.

Vice-President, Prasad Derani Director, Hiran Derani. We are proud to introduce the beautiful Collection of Gifts, Art and Novelties for any Occasion. Of course there are items to suit your needs,your family, friends and Office.
Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome selection of new products.

I would like to present you a background about my education and background experience in three countries: namely, Sri Lanka, England and U.S.A. in order for you to comprehend my choice of varied gift items,and some of them with a classical touch. They give you an idea why I love some of these classic tone items as they do not lose their value. I acquired the customer taste through lifetime experiences.. They are due to my long residence in
Sri Lanka,England and U.S.A. .Also during my travels to European countries.

Former Ambassador (Group Leader) of the Chamber of Commerce, MI.(U.S.A.-.till 2013)
 One of the Vice Presidents' of  the World Congress of Arts, Sciences and Communications 
Post grad Diploma in Public Admin. (University of London),England, Life Fellow of the International Biographical Assoc., Former- U.K. Post grad Visiting Scholar,
(University of Michigan)
Fellow of the Institute of Administrative Management, 
Honorary Doctorate of Letters (Hon.DL)-2014


Thanks for visiting the Store. Shop and buy items for your Office, Home, Garden decor or any occasion  or celebration. Also discover the vast selection of seasonal products that appear from time to time with special discounts.

Success of the Business is due to  Perseverance, Family Support and Loyalty from  the Staff
in varied locations

Welcome to the sophisticated style of indoor decor for your home or office:  Elegant  furniture,  classical items, wall decor, tabletop fountains,decorative figurines, Eagle statues, Dolphin  tables, lamps, fireplace screens, Crystal collection, lighting collection, Oil warmers, decorative vases,plant stands, wall clocks, chandeliers, laptop stands, 
telescopes, toys for children.

Wind Chimes, Aluminum wind chimes, Unique Wind Chimes,Other Special varieties,

Garden decor. Solar lighting, Bath collection. kitchen varieties, Water fountains, courtyard statues, Planters, Patio tables, Hammocks, Flamingo statue, Birdhouses. 


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